How to Apply for an Internship

Aptus Treatment Centre supervises a number of student placements from a multitude of University and College programs. Currently, we accept students from numerous academic fields, including but not limited to: Social Work, Nursing, Rehabilitative Sciences, Behavioural Services, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Service Worker, Child Youth Worker, and Social Service Worker. Students are supervised by a Program Supervisor or a professional member of the Aptus team.

Application Process

1) Determine the Aptus program(s) of interest to you by browsing Aptus' Programs & Services pages (many are hyperlinked above). 
2) Submit your resume and cover letter, indicating your program of interest, desired length of placement, number of hours required to complete, expected start date etc. to Please be advised that placement opportunities are filled on a first-come basis therefore not all applicants are guaranteed a placement.
Interview and Compliance Requirements

3) Human Resources will set up an interview with the student and the relevant Program Supervisor. Upon successful completion you will receive the necessary documentation required to complete the following: 
Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS)
Occupational Health Requirements for TB and Immunization(Medical)
4) Attend orientation once the compliance requirements outlined in step two above are met. You will meet the program Supervisor on the first day of placement and complete a program orientation session to set you up for success. 

Why Complete Your Placement At Aptus?

Complete your Student Placement at Aptus Treatment Centre to gain hands on experience and put the theory you’ve learned in to practice.
See first-hand how to enhance the life of children and adults with disabilities, meet new people and have new experiences while gaining professional development.
Being at Aptus presents exciting new learning opportunities and enriching experiences.  
As a Student, you are an integral member of the Aptus team.  
We depend on students to help enhance the programs and services we offer and to assist staff in providing the finest standards of service that align with our strategic pillars. We also look to hire students who have successfully completed placements with us, if a suitable position becomes available. 

What Can You Expect To Do During Placement?

Occupational Therapy in the Sensory Program for clients with dual diagnosis
Observation/tasks would include: increasing quality of life, participation in sensory activities, creation of goals and outcomes for the people we serve, conducting obstacle course with one of the groups and/or working 1 on 1 in tactile group with one of the clients
Observe and ask questions
Conduct information interviews with other staff members
Attend staff meetings and other company functions
Tour the company/organization/property
Other activities: participate in sensory/recreational/vocational activities
Go on outings with program groups

How We Support Students

When you are accepted to complete your placement with Aptus, the experience you have with us is important. We ensure that the program you have chosen to complete your placement in will meet the needs and goals that you hope to achieve.  Our Supervisors invest time in your orientation to set you up for success, understand Aptus’ culture and provide you with the tools and resources that you will need to limit risk.  Supervisors who support students are engaged, professional and dedicated to ensuring each student has a positive professional work environment. You are our future employees!