How to Make a Complaint 

Aptus Treatment Centre is committed to providing quality services and supports to the people we support.  In order to continuously improve, we encourage all stakeholders to provide feedback. Anyone can access Aptus’ complaints and feedback process: 
people receiving services, 
family members, 
neighbours, and 
other community providers. 

 If you would like to provide feedback or make a complaint about Aptus’ services:

Step 1
Tell us or show us what your concern is. You can write your concern down, make a picture to show us, fill out a Complaints Form or just talk to the Program Supervisor or a staff that you trust at the home or day program.   
We will all work together to try and resolve your complaint when it is first made.  
Sometimes, the direct support team and Supervisor may not be successful in resolving your complaint. If this is the case, you may: 
Step 2

Email or phone the Team Manager or Associate Director at Aptus.*
If this step does not work, you may:


Forward your concern to the Director of Programs and Services. *   
If this step is unsatisfactory, you may:

Step 4

Forward your concern to Aptus’ CEO & President.*
If, after these steps have been undertaken and the response is unsatisfactory, the next step is to:

Step 5

Forward the complaint to Chair of the Board. The Chair will meet with the CEO & President within 30 working days of receiving the complaint. A response will be provided within ten working days of their meeting. 

When you make a complaint, Aptus will maintain confidentiality in accordance with its policies and any applicable legislation.

Making a complaint is safe.

With any questions, please email [email protected]

*When you make a complaint, you will receive confirmation that it has been received within 2 business days.  Every reasonable effort to respond/resolve your complaint within an additional 7 business days. There may be unforeseen circumstances when exceptions to these response times are recommended or required.