Sandra Reinblatt
Art Campus

This November will mark the 10th anniversary of Sandy's passing.  It has been an honour to work closely with the Reinblatt Family and friends to create a legacy project that continues to help Aptus transform lives through the “Sandra Reinblatt Art Campus.”

Click here to see a personalized video of Sandy’s Legacy in action.

For the last 10 years, this initiative has helped to support individuals with complex disabilities to create works of art, sculpture, music, drama and so on bringing out many of their talents. Money raised is used to buy supplies, support community arts outings, fund special workshops such as drumming and more. In addition, this initiative enables some of the artists to display their work at the Arts Market, various arts fairs and community events.

The Reinblatt family is confident that Sandy would have been thrilled having this legacy in her name due to her passion and love of the arts and crafts. They are proud to see what the people we support are able to create and experience as a result.

Gary Reinblatt will once again be participating with Team Aptus at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 22nd.  You can support Gary and this incredible initiative by sponsoring his efforts:

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Aptus would like to thank Gary, BJ and George Reinblatt and all of their family and friends for their commitment and dedication to supporting the artists at Aptus through the Sandra Reinblatt Art Campus.