Inspiring Leaders with Villanova College

On Monday night Kyle, Sam, David, Joe, Sara, Kyle, Branko, Ali and Bobby had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic Leadership Workshop at Villanova College in King City.

The workshop, coordinated by Juliet Quinton and Siena Thalassinos, two of the students in Mr. Hayes' Leadership Class, focused on what it means to be a leader and the process of setting goals and working towards achieving them.

The evening started out with a delicious dinner together followed by Icebreaker games, a presentation, button making, interactive case studies, and a music video debrief.

Aptus would like to thank Mr. Hayes, Juliet, Siena and the entire Leadership Class for their hard work! All of the participants said that it was an amazing experience - not only did they feel like LEADERS, they also felt respected, valued and inspired.