Employment Now! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Employment Now initiative, which was funded by the Ministry of Community & Social Services’ Employment & Modernization FundAptus is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide greater opportunities for community inclusion, skill development and employment.  

Employment Now! Development & Launch

Joe Dale, from the Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN), is working with Aptus to create a framework for Aptus' new Employment Now initiative, learning from staff input and people we support. Aptus staff will be trained by ODEN to gain skills to support goal development related to employment, including skill development, education, entrepreneurialism (including artistic) and traditional job searching skills. Staff will also learn to be instructors for two recognized programs -- jobStart Sarnia's jobPath and EARN Ontario's WIN Program. 

Partners Supporting Each Other’s Success

Aptus has partnered with other Developmental Service organizations who are also launching employment services. These partnerships will include resource, program and infrastructure sharing. People from other organizations, as well as youth and adults in the community, will have the opportunity to access Aptus trainings or skills learning environments (e.g., Aptus Teaching Landscape) through MyCommunityHub. We will be learning together with our Development Service partners and supporting each other’s success.

Want to Get Involved? 

Aptus welcomes your support: 

• Job shadow opportunities

• Career coach volunteers
• Skills-learning opportunities
• Info about job fairs or career networking
• Employment opportunities 
• Other ideas

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