Aptus' 40th Anniversary Block Party! 

Over 400 came to celebrate Aptus' 40th anniversary on May 16 at Aptus Teaching Landscape

Aptus is proud to share a video and photo album from our Block Party, celebrating our 40th anniversary. Highlights include:
• Zancor Homes honoured with a tree planting in recognition of their support to environmental learning at the landscape. 
• MPP Roman Baber is seen presenting a scroll in recogntion of Aptus' anniversary and cutting the ribbon on Aptus Teaching Landscape's new cedar-lettered message to all visitors, "On a warm sunny day I go outside to play." This message is the opening of a poem in honour of Zac Van Zant, a former student of Aptus' whose love of nature will never be forgotten. 
• Long-serving staff are honoured.
• Former Councillor Maria Augimeri is seen receiving an award. 
• Longtime Board Members (past and present), Goffredo Vitullo (and wife, Carmela) and Paul Ostrander are seen with the lemon and cream cakes donated by St. Phillips Bakery which were served to the over 400 attendees.

We hope you enjoy the video created by Program Supervisor Jonathan Rojas, which captures the music, fun, community engagement and celebration which took place.
Our 3rd Annual Block Party will be hosted on Thursday, May 21, 2020.