Fee for Service Programming

Adult Programming

Aptus launches its new activity and learning focused adult day program and after-hours respite for people 18+, hosted at Aptus' 42,000 square foot space in North Toronto. Facilities include: Aptus' training kitchen, art studio, gym, sensory spaces and V.R. room. Outings and community engagement are a part of regular programming. Other fee for service programs and respite options for adults will be launching in the future.  

Hours and Rates

The Day Program is offered Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Before-hours respite is offered from 8:30 to 9 a.m. and after-hours respite is available from 3 to 4:30 p.m. The rates for different ratios of support are:

  • Two staff to 1 person being supported: $66/hour
  • One staff to 1 person being supported: $37/hour
  • One staff to 2 people being supported: $22.50/hour
  • One staff to 3 people being supported: $19/hour
  • One staff to 4 people being supported: $17.50/hour
  • One staff to 5 people being supported: $16/hour
  • Coming with own support: $10/hour Learn more about accessing Aptus with your own staff (for parents and other agencies)

Space Use

Parents and partners who wish to send participants with their own private worker can access Aptus programming space for $10/hour. A range of programming options would be available, in addition to the ability to exclusively book space. Review Aptus' space use infosheet to learn more.  

Apply or Learn More

Review Aptus' fee for service infosheet to see a floor plan of Aptus' programming space and learn more about programming. 

To apply, complete the 2-page application and email it to Anita Kuipers at anitak@aptustc.com. With questions, contact Anita at 416-630-8523.

Child and Youth Fee for Service Programming

After School, Summer Camp and March Break Respite

Aptus also offers after-school, summer camp and March Break respite to students at its 2 schools in Toronto and York Region. Aptus offers these schools in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and the York Region District School Board. To learn more, please contact the Toronto Program Supervisor Laura Pietrangelo at 416-633-3971 or the York Region Program Supervisor James Brown at 905-761-7948

Sensory Camp

Aptus offers a Sensory Camp in August for campers ages 5-21. Camp fees are $400 per week (as of 2019). To get on the waiting list for 2020, email sensorycamp@aptust.com or call Laura Pietrangelo at 416-633-3971.

School Program & Residential Services

With questions about our other services, please visit Aptus' contacts page