Services During the Day: Sensory Team

The Sensory team focuses on sensory integration, rehabilitation and quality of life. Our skilled staff provide services through a variety of different modalities based on the individual needs of each person. 

Every moment of every day, we take in sensory information from our bodies and the world around us. Our brains are programmed naturally to organize and integrate the information we get through our senses and make it meaningful. This is called sensory integration. 

Sensory integration allows us to respond automatically, appropriately and efficiently to the specific sensory inputs we receive. The people Aptus supports may integrate, process and organize sensory information differently. As a result, a person may appear confused, stressed, frustrated, fearful or anxious. Alternatively, a person may become withdrawn, turning inward on themselves. Often, their adaptive responses can be inconsistent or even appear contradictory, from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour. 

Aptus supports people to engage in their communities, develop coping strategies, learn self-regulation for themselves and find their self-expression in order to achieve their goals. Over time, a state of ‘calm alertness’ is developed. This creates a foundation for the development of perceptual and cognitive skills, communication, interaction, play, self-care skills, and body awareness that empowers and improves social integration.