Sensory Workout

On March 5, 2019, Aptus was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation to update 4 activity spaces to offer a Sensory Workout. With guidance from Aptus' Occupational Therapists, equipment was purchased to enhance Aptus' activity spaces to offer sensory stimulation and attract people to engage in activities. With the partnership of Aptus' Recreation Therapist, 29 "games" were created, for use in the different activity spaces. 

The gym offers multiple activities that focus on the proprioceptive sense (balancing, reaching, etc.) with the addition of fly-weight balls, scooters and an Octaband (see photo to right). The gross motor room now has 2 new lilypads which allows people to softly or vigorously jump, and attain the commensurate height of a jump. The V.R. room now has an Optimusic system installed which offers 8 beams of light that respond to movement and signal different visuals and music. In the multi-sensory room, the acoustic waterbed's been repaired to offer a range of sensory inputs that can soothe or help rev someone up to engage in activity. The rooms' Snoezelen lights were also all repaired. 


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